Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SuperQueeros! for March 30th, 2011

It's Wednesday already?! When did this happen??? Sorry for the late update, but this week is just disappearing on me! So let's talk queers in comic books before our time evaporates completely:

Dollhouse Epitaphs
Did you know that Felica Day's character in Epitaphs One and Two was queer?! I didn't, but in this sure-to-be-awesome one-shot we find out that Mag's coming out did not get quite the reaction she was hoping for... But don't worry, any-character-portrayed-by-Felicia-Day, we still love you!!! Also, we get everyone else's origin story too! #mustbuy

True Blood: Tainted Love #2
Lafayette is on the cover! I haven't been picking up this series, but I might have to grab this issue just for the cover... The solicit says Jessica is poisoned and Sookie wants to save her. So the central conflict is that a redhead is in trouble... looks like we're developing a theme this week...

X-23 #8
WOLVIE FIGHT!!! It's X-23 vs Daken in the Wolverine-spin-off crossover-showdown event of the season! Wolverine's clone, with Gambit in tow, ventures onto the island nation that Daken now controls and her kin ain't havin' none of that sort of family familiarity! I don't know if these two have interacted in the comics yet, but it'll be interesting to see how X reacts to Daken's manipulative personality. Will she see through him or fall for his act? Only two things are guaranteed: Daken flirting with the ragin' Cajun and CLAWS!

Other comics of interest this week:
Caligula #1 looks to be more bloody than queer, but it's set in Ancient Rome so there are NO RULES; Wonder Woman #609 has Dr. Psycho "saving" Diana; Gotham City Sirens #21 sees Ivy and Selina busting Harley out of Arkham - but will they be able to bust her out of the clutches of the Joker?; JLA: The 99 #6 marks the end of this historic cultural crossover event; Butcher Baker: The Righteous Maker #1 is the first issue of the over-hyped, and certainly explicitly-sexed, new Image series; the first issue of Age of X: Universe is out today, and who knows who's queer in this alternate reality; and finally, Jack of Fables #50 bows out the popular Fables spin-off series (and this blog post).

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