Friday, March 25, 2011

Scarlet Betch Episode 39: Mutants Galore

Hey Betches!

We're back this week bringing you the latest queer comic book news! Apologies for the three weeks of down time. So to make up for it, we're recording THREE episodes for you that we'll release throughout the week. So STAY TUNED!

There was a plethora of X-titles that were released since we last 'casted and so for part 1 of our conversation we talk about all the mutants you could ever want. Well... mostly speculate about Age of X because there's a whole lot of questions that need to be answered.

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xiaolei said...

Interesting theory regarding Age of X. I'm a bit weary of these big event comics right now, but sticking with it for now. More Karma, please!

T-Dogg said...

I love Emma to death, but I actually hate Fraction's development (or regression) of her character. One of her best qualities is that she was a hardcore villain. She joined the Hellfire Club as a young thing, but took to the life of mutant control from the shadows, killed people with impunity and used her powers and skills to do whatever she wanted. She tortured the X-Men, killed people for any reason she wanted.

The fact that she sees the light so much later and has to contend with the truly evil things she did and that she did willingly and with pleasure is what makes her a great character. Fraction's take (and Marvel's editorial staff) victimizes her. Suddenly, she was just naive and physically abused by Shaw and oh-so-emotional and ashamed about the things he influenced her to do.

It's not wrong to have her recognize that Shaw is a symbol of the wicked time of her life, but talking about how afraid she is of him, wanting to dispose of him because she fears his influence, and then out right RUNNING away "for her life" just makes her into a Lifetime Television cliche.

The Emma Frost I love has no excuses for her wicked past and no fear of what she's done. She is decisive and she recognizes her own brand of justice and can only demonstrate that she no longer agrees with what she had done and has taken on the mantel of the X-Men. Her one-shot after killing Adrienne is a great example of that. She feels guilt about killing her sister in cold blood, but realizes that she feels greater guilt for not getting rid of her sooner before Synch was blown up.

Both (I'm surprised to say it) Clairemont and Whedon (not surprised) navigated her shame perfectly in different ways. Clairemont made her matter of fact--she knows what she did, but her absolution comes from having the love and support and faith of the X-Men around her that she has indeed turned over a new leaf. Whedon explored shame that was greater than her own actions, something she would rarely admit to out loud, but that she would struggle to handle on her own, by ensuring that all the pieces are in place if she cannot control herself.

Fraction's version is just "poor tragic little Emma, out of her league". Her cool demeanor after running for her life was hollow.

T-Dogg said...

Also, right on with Land. I'll be so glad when another artist takes over. Renaud's pencils were such a breath of fresh air...and eve made Ponsor's colors look better than usual.

Nice comparison about Anole. If you look at some of his images of Bling!, (especially during Second Coming) you'll see that it's a pretty accurate comparison). ;) Great discussion guys!

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