Friday, March 18, 2011

Wonder Woman Promo Pics Verify Oncoming Trainwreck

There isn't much to be said that hasn't already been said on the upcoming NBC Wonder Woman series scheduled to drop into our televisions (or tablets or computer screens) come Fall 2011. From the terribly confused plot synopsis to the unfortunate decision to give creative direction over to the creator of Ally MacBeal, everything points to Wonder Woman being a failure of epic proportions. And if NBC's The Cape was anything, it should be a cautionary warning.

A) Don't cast Summer Glau... she's talented but by now... after Firefly, Sarah Connors Chronicles, and The Cape... she's cursed. 

B) Don't give us shit wrapped in comic book wrapping paper.

And ladies and gentlemen, the latest promo pics of Wonder Woman's costume is exactly that. 

Nothing says cheap stripper like a lycra boustier and spandex pants. It's incredible how cheap this costume looks. As a costumer, I understand that these kinds of garments need to be stretchy to get the desired silhouette, but god almighty, there's no excuse for reflective spandex. None, whatsoever. 

One can only hope that the NBC producers get enough internet hate to tweak the design a bit before production. Oh, and fire your show lead. He's ruining everything.

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