Monday, February 22, 2010

SuperQueeros! for February 24th

What an awesome day in the life of Queer comics! Don't know which titles will be featuring homos in spandex? Well here's the (extensive, though not necessarily complete) list!

Wildcats #20

Midnighter isn't gone, he just changed teams!!! (To the Wildcats. He's still a queer-mo.) I was pissed when, post-World's End, Midnight was booted from The Authority, but it's not that he was dropped as a character, he was just traded to the Wildcats because his beau is still extra-terrrestrial atm! Sorry for any slandering I've done, Wildstorm! Now pleeeeease rescue Apollo, okay?

X-Factor #202

Just like the cover promises, it's pansexual Shatterstar versus Top Ten Villain Doctor Doom! With M and the Thing! Can this get better? What's that, Valeria Richards is in this issue??? Oh DAAAAAAAAAAAANG this is gonna be good! (Plus maybe will get some more answers about Layla's involvement in all this!)

Batman and Robin #9

The final issue in the three part Batwoman crossover! Kathy Kane is gonna rise again, thanks to the Lazarus pit buried in the rubble that crushed her to death, but will she be the same Batwoman we've come to know and love, or something more twisted, more feral, more insane, and more awesome?

Nation X #3

ANOLE ISSUE!!!!! With Danger and Armor!!! This issue is a must-have for fans of the green-spiked lizard-boy and for anyone who loves short, fast, self-contained, good stories. These tie-ins are fast becoming my favourite X-title thanks to their diverse cast of characters and diverse-er creative crews!

Dark Wolverine #83

Seige! Killing Osbourne! Achieving his destiny as a villain! I think all of these things are in this issue, plus a bisexual sociopath. Who needs okcupid when this title exists???

Wonder Woman #41

Part Two of the Crows storyline finds Wonder Woman fighting Power Girl and every sane person in the world buying this book. Punching, cleavage, and knocking down buildings. The only thing that could make it more perfect is if it were written by Gail Simone. Oh, wait!

Gotham City Sirens #9

The Riddler's back this week, making this issue the most "Questioning" title in all of comic-dom. Are any of these characters still queer?

JSA #36

Obsidian's name was in this week's solicits, meaning that Bill hasn't forgotten about him, and hopefully meaning that we'll get some rescuing action ASAP! But I think Obby is still an egg, atm...

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