Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SuperQueeros! for February 17th

Here are the queer-inclusive titles for February 17th! Unless I missed any! In which case please notify me in the comments and I will edit them in, giving credit where credit is due!

Authority: The Lost Year #6

Even though Apollo and Midnighter have been written out of the Authority continuing series (just like all the other Wildstorm queers) they're still alive and kicking in this limited run! Get 'em while they're cannon, because in a comic company without room for insecure, exotic, bisexual girls, what chance do we have of ever seeing the comic world's premiere gay super-couple again? #bitter

Dark Avengers #14

The Sentry is getting his reckoning! Yes, the Dark Avengers are collapsing in on themselves, and their self-destruction is going to be the catalyst to providing us answers about the Sentry. No word yet on Daken's role in this issue, but the hetero is DEF representin' as Moonstone spends this issue rutting her way through the team roster. I would be disgusted if I weren't so jealous.

Finally, because every gay geek wanted to be Kitty Pryde at some point growing up - Ultimate Colossus is simply a wish fulfilled - consider picking up a copy of Uncanny X-Men #521. Because if you're wondering what Magneto is doing on the North Pole, in a deep trance, using his magnetism powers on "Full Blast", I would just like to remind you that giant space bullets are not made out of dreams. (Though comics are. #homecoming)

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