Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SuperQueeros! for February 10th

Here's your queer-inclusive comics for the week of February 10th, 2010! Let me know if I've missed anyone!

Dark X-Men #4
While the Dark Reign of the Marvel U collapses under the SEIGE of Norse gods, make sure you check out what Mystique has been up to during its final days! Now that Nate is in the body of Osbourne, who will stay loyal to the tyrant-turned-shaman? Who will turn tail and escape? And will the Dark X-Men finally unite and put the smack down on the force of benevolence known as X-Man? This title is rocking, so get on for the ride of your life!

POST-READING IT EDIT: OMG, I did not even see that guy COMING! Matt Fraction has mastered the cliff-hanger-character-reveal!

New Mutants #10
Now that we know why Illyana is here, and that the apocalypse she foretold is upon us, what will go down? And how will Dani's Hela-based "Valkyrie" powers play into this story and the up-coming SEIGE tie-in? And will Karma continue to kick @$$ now that the cast has expanded to an unwieldy eight twenty-somethings? Whatever the answers are, let's just hope Doug doesn't use his soul-speak anymore: he's become an omega-level Mary Sue, imo.

POST-READING IT EDIT: Oh Zeb Wells, you have some sexy, sexy concepts in that head of yours. New Mutants is now the American Idol of the X-Books! (In a good way!)

Batman and Robin #8
BACK STORY TIME! Thank god, because last issue was WAAAAY too confusing, especially the Batwoman parts! Stay tuned to this issue for the origin of Batwoman-in-a-Box and some massive bat-beatdown as Batwoman's memories return to her and the resurrected "Batman" corpse goes postal on our bereaved heroes!

Secret Six #18
This marks the end of the three issues of Secret Six/Suicide Squad/Blackest Night crossover. Keep your fingers crossed for Catman to lose his shirt and try to hold in your squees when you read the EPIC Amanda Waller/Vandal Savage team up!

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