Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Insane in the Mainframe

Mental illness is a fucking time sink, yo. One day you're wondering whether you'd rather be eaten by a grue or crushed to death by a building-sized tetris piece, and before you know it two weeks have passed, your friends are asking where the hell you've been and all your Pokemon have names like “ThereIsNoGod” and “EndInTears”. On a scale of 1 to Ted Kaczynski, I'm a solid Wilford Brimley.

Pity me not, my lovelies, for while I was on holiday at Insanity Island, I had some time to pursue a creative venture. My best gay and I are working on a sprite comic (a webcomic consisting of photoshopped screenshots of video games with juxtaposed dialog and scenarios, ala 8 Bit Theater), and after much IKEA chocolate and Street Fighter II, we have a week's worth of scripts being rendered and edited.

Video games are a frequent topic of discussion in my therapy sessions. It's one of the few hobbies/pasttimes/addictions that I have absolutely no hard feelings or bad memories associated with. My dad never made me play Excitebike against my will, and while coming out as trans drastically altered the relationships I have with my friends and siblings, it hasn't affected our ability to get five stars on Rush's “The Trees”. I don't equate video games with any sort of loss, except perhaps that one time I made it to the finals of a Smash Brothers tournament but lost because the other three players were friends and ganged up on me (this is why you need items in tournaments, lame-os). I try to put my love of video games to use in my art and writing, and if the day ever comes for me to date again, I want someone who can appreciate my love of classic games with me, or who won't bitch about me to her friends when about my gaming while I'm in earshot.

One of the video game-inspired art projects I've taken up is building a working Super Nintendo out of LEGOs. I will not be the first to attempt this, but Cthulu willing, I will be the first to shamelessly promote the shit out of it on various blogs. I have learned that people are very protective of their LEGOs, and some have made nauseating comparisons to “missing a part of their soul” when they give or throw them away. Nostalgiac attachment is totally the new “80's materialism”.

I intend to regularly cross-post my webcomic on here, since I'm showing it on my various personal blogs before I rush out to blow money I don't have on a domain. Admittedly, I have my doubts about its success. Sprite comics are so 2003, and no amount of creative writing courses can prepare you for the daunting task of convincing a reader that Star Fox is at a furry convention without actually drawing said convention in the background. But you'll read it anyway because if you had something to other than read my posts you'd be doing it. Do you know where your children are?

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