Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scarlet Betch Episode 2: "I See Your Night Girl, and I'll Raise You a Squirrel Girl"

The wait is over! Episode 2 is live! Jason and Anthony come back with an episode chock full of character-offs: Loki vs. Sinister, Jubilee vs. Shadowcat vs. Pixie, Graymalkin vs. Night Girl vs. Squirrel Girl, Obsidian vs. Jade, and much more!

Apologies again for the recording quality. Skype decided to be a major betch and caused all kinds of mayhem.

But! we have a theme song!

Oh! And you can always email us at with comments, tips, or topics you want us to talk about!

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Anonymous said...

I disagree with Jubilee's powers sucking so profoundly. According to Emma Frost, Jubilee was one of the most powerful mutants she's ever encountered, and she had the potential to detonate matter at the sub-atomic level. But given Jubilee's stance on taking life, she never really followed through with increasing her skill to that level. But anyways, cool podcast.

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