Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SuperQueeros! for June 5th, 2013

Now this is more like it! This week we have a bumper crop of books featuring... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgendered, and queer in comics today!

Fearless Defenders #5
Misty Knight hires some friggin' HEROES! Which ones? Regardez the cover, s'il vous plait. She hires THEM ALL. #doommaidenbrawl

Locke & Key: Omega #5
Dodge's shadow forces are on the move, Tyler's been shot, and seniors are dying at an alarmingly graphic rate. Will Dodge win, or can the Lockes pull out a victory at the last second?

X-Factor #257
Rictor and Shatterstar aren't gone, according to the character page! Who knows if they're still dead, though. What with Strong Guy being the new Lord of Hell, maybe they're the underground division of X-Factor Investigations... Oh, and Demon!Jamie is being held prisoner in Marrakesh.

Kevin Keller #9
Summer issue! Kevin (and the two rivals for boyfriend status on his Facebook page) in swimsuits!

Avengers Arena #10

Nico takes on Justin's Sentinel! What developments will we get for proto-gay Bloodstone?

Fashion Beast #10
The last issue! With Le Patron dead, will Doll pass on his legacy to the deserving man she just outed to the DADT armed forces with whom she had him sent away?

Detective Comics #21
Harper joins Batman on a missions! Maybe we'll see something about her bro?

All New X-men #12
Mystique's plans, though thwarted by the Avengers in the short term, continue to unfold. Oh, and Young Scott meets Old Alex the Avenger.

Earth 2 #13
Judging from the upcoming covers, it looks like this is the prelude to a war between the rising legions of metahumans. What terrible secret will the World Army discover?

The Movement #2
Being responsible for the protection of peace and harmony in a whole quarter of a city is a daunting task, but the Movement is ready to face it head on. But will we be getting any character backstories this issue...?

Stormwatch #21
Now Stormwatch fights Lobo!

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