Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SuperQueeros! for February 27th, 2013

Ultimate Comics' non-linear storytelling finally wends its way back to the hottest of superqueeros, the Young Avengers get their second issue, and the two best X-teams slouch their way toward X-termination! Plus some books about gays who aren't mutants or whatever in this week's... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgendered, and queer in comics today!!
Ultimate Comics X-Men #23
We finally get the 411 on what happened to Colossus! After he murdered a guard in the mutant concentration camps we lost all narrative contact with the metal hunk, but this week we see how he and Storm both survived the Nimrod attack and went their separate ways. I'm hoping that Colossus gets picked up by Jean and taken to her mutant city in Asia!

Young Avengers #2 Now
Will Hulkling's EvilMom kill everyone?? Has she already killed his boyfriend's family??? And what's up with this foe of Loki's that shows up? Are they talking about Miss America Chavez?

Astonishing X-men #59
Northstar and Kyle are back from their honeymoon just in time to help Karma and the team as they hurtle toward X-termination!

X-treme X-men #11
Speaking of X-termination, Dazzler and her team are one issue closer to that fateful crossover event! But before they do they have to decide: will they side with or against the Nazis?

Artifacts #25
The Angelus teams up with the Witchblade and the Rapture to muscle the Darkness into restoring the natural order of the universe! Doesn't sound like she'll have much time for that gorgeous cop she's got on lock...

Teen Titans #17
So I guess Vibe isn't Bunker's bf... maybe we'll find out who is in this issue!

Justice League Dark #17
E'erbody is still trapped on a world with no magic. Don't die, very-old-Madame-X!

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