Monday, March 4, 2013

SuperQueeros! for March 6th, 2013

First off, a PA: Avengers Arena has British boyfriends! Yup, Anachronism and Bloodstone appear to be dating! Not sure if they're still alive though... Also, Image's Prophet has a genderqueer character in John Ka! Now, back to this week's regularly scheduled, super-sized... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgendered, and queer in comics today!!

Earth 2 #10
It's the heyday of the genderqueer as Wotan (originally a woman who Anya'd out, becoming a super-awesome magic-user to overcome her oppression by the patriarchy [Note: trigger warning if you look up what that oppression was], Wotan has switched bodies in order to extend zir lifetime and is now in the body of a man) faces off against Dr. Fate! Maybe later Wotan can join these Earth 2 Scoobies like zir Buffy-verse parallel! #fingerscrossed

Fashion Beast #7
Speaking of queering gender and coming out on top, Doll is a star!! Unfortunately, now things are going to start unraveling for this 'Queero!

Mara #3
Super-powered volleyball star Mara is coming out, this time as a metahuman! Now someone just needs to tell her that with great power comes great responsibility, most importantly the responsibility of staying alive once you catch the attention of the wrong people!

Stormwatch #18
Zealot joins Apollo and Midnighter to form the new Stormwatch!!! This book is a fanfic come true!!!!!!

Archie Meets Glee, Part 1
Oh my gosh... I am SO buying this JUST so I can see Kevin meet Kurt (Klaine could mean something VERY different by the time this miniseries ends! Oh, maybe Kevin is the real Eli!), but whoever paralleled Quinn with Betty and Rachel with Veronica CLEARLY only sees the world through hair colors! 

Fairest #13
The last issue for the queer Fable, Rapunzel! (Note that the depiction of Rapunzel's sexuality has not gotten the ravest reviews in the comments.)

True Blood #10
A one-off with Alcide!

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