Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SuperQueeros! for September 7th, 2011

How was your Dragon*Con? With all the storms did you get back from Dragon*Con okay? Have you gone on your new friends' Facebook profiles and looked at all the pics of awesome costumes?? Gosh, I love Dragon*Con...

NEW COMICS THIS THURSDAY WEDNESDAY (EDIT: Evidently long weekends don't affect shipping anymore?):
Stormwatch #1 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Midnighter and Apollo are back!!! With the Martian Manhunter and the rest of the dysfunctional Stormwatch family! I'm so excited for this book! After Batwoman this is my most anticipated title for the DCnU, and it's here this week! Yay for husbands!!!!!

X-Factor #224.1
So X-factor is getting a "point-one" issue. I'm very excited that they're getting the Marvel point-one treatment, but I have no idea what to expect! The solicit says that the team journeys to Madrox's hometown for... some... reason... and while there... stuff takes place and readers are (as in every point-one) introduced to the main cast and central themes of this book. Which are... Actually this "point-one" issue is going to be great! Because even hardcore fans who've read every issue could really use a refresher!

House of Mystery #41
More Fig/Lotus fighting/mind-effing. Will we see Tursig? Who knows!

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