Friday, September 16, 2011

SuperQueeros! for September 21st, 2011

Did you know that Rictor was my first X-crush? I got this trading card of him hulked out and blasting the earth, creating a fissure and just looking... awesome. I thought he was the coolest guy. And this week is all Rictor, all the time! He's just gotten his powers back in Children's Crusade, and he's just started using them again in X-Factor! Plus Wondy #1 and a new Hellblazer!

Avengers: Children's Crusade #7
It's the X-Men vs. the Young Avengers vs. the Avengers vs. X-Factor vs. Magneto vs. the Scarlet Witch!! This book is crazy, y'all! Crazy good that is! Wanda's got her powers and her memories, and she wants to go on a pilgrimage to, if not undo the damage she's cause to the Marvel U, at least restore the powers to some of the mutants whose lives she's ruined. And did I mention that she started with Rictor? W000000t!!!! And, also, swooooon!

The solicit says something about a recently deceased teammate returning to kick the team's collective butt? however the only deceased teammate I can think of is a dead dupe, Guido, or Darwin. But he didn't really die, he just became a death god for a little bit... Still, Darwin's omni-power would explain the kick-butt armor and grudge against Layla that he's wielding on the cover of issue 227...

Hellblazer #283
John continues to be the bi babe that he sooo is and we get the start of a new storyline. Natural and supernatural events alike are incited by Constantine's neice auctioning off of his prize trench coat. Will Gemma survive the bad karma she's brought down on herself? Will John get used to being basically naked? Will he be basically naked?

Wonder Woman #1
The new Wonder Woman starts here!!!! So excited for this book, even if I'm worried that Diana will catch a chill in those shorts. From what I've seen of the other #1s, expect a character-defining issue that's light on set up for the first story arc. Also expect amazing art. #soexcited!!!!

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