Friday, September 9, 2011

SuperQueeros! for September 14th, 2011

Oh. My. Gaga. This week is DEFINITELY happening FOR REALSIES. Batwoman and Buffy are BACK!!!! Plus favs like Alpha Flight and Daken! And the bi kids are representing with Herc and Hack/Slash! The only way this week could get better is if Young Avengers came out this week. But I guess we have to save SOMETHING for next week!

Batwoman #1
KATE KANE IS BAAAAAAAACK!!!!! I haven't waited this long for beautiful art set to butt-kicking action since... Well since I was born and started waiting for her Detective Comics run to be written! Seriously, this is one of the only relaunch titles that I'm buying in hard copy because something this awesome NEEDS to be tangible! I think some ghosts and stuff are happening in the actual story, but basically it's Kate drawn by J.H. Williams III so it's PERFECT.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9: Freefall #1
("Freefall". I like this whole subtitle thing... It makes it seem more like episodes, or miniseries!) Buffy's back!!!!!!!!!!!! And Willow!!!!!!!!!!!! And Andrew, though I still have trouble telling who he is in-panel... (I just had a thought: maybe, like SMG, Tom Lenk didn't give permission for the use of his visage in the comics... Time to dig up some trivia!) Anyway, the preview looks good, so #buyit.

Alpha Flight #4
Northstar beats up people in order to save his boyfriend. HOT.

Daken: Dark Wolverine #14
Moon Knight continues to think he is Wolverine. Daken continues to be played. Kinky.

Hack/Slash #8
The Fame Monster/Justin Bieber continues to kill Lady Gagas. Save the Gagas, Cassie!!!

Herc #7
Hercules gets powers again!!! But it's only Spider-man powers...

2 betches:

Jason said...

Is Alpha really worth it? Wasn't thoroughly impressed with the storytelling in the first three issues so far, but I do want to. Byrne's run was gold.

Kuhnsy said...

Jason, I think it is, but that's in no small part due to the setting (I <3 Canada) and the cast (Northstar and Marrina are two of my favorites, and Puck is really growing on me). But there's not a lot I dislike about the current miniseries, besides its relationship to Fear Itself. The pacing is good, the art is solid, and -- spoiler alert -- they're about to give Kyle powers. Which means bad-ass-ness is happening in four short weeks!.

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