Monday, July 18, 2011

SuperQueeros! for July 20th, 2011

So many bi people this week! Okay, a lot of gays too, but we've got some bi representation from both sides of the gender aisle (those problematic areas within the larger, more inclusive gender church! [this metaphor broke so many syllables ago...])! Anyway, to the comics!

X-Factor #222
It's salt house time!!! Last issue 'star and Rahne were running for their lives from an assortment of slash-y, bite-y animal gods while Layla was salting every entrance to XFI. This issue starts with everyone (except M and Strong Guy) rushing into XFI and shutting the doors. Unfortunately, we also learned last issue (or the one before...) that Pip the Troll is actually a Troll-spy, getting ready to put a plan of his own in motion! So, the score is outside: gnashing teeth and crackling god-power. Inside: traitorous trolls and a pregnancy coming to term. Given how crazy the last X-Factor birth was, get ready for fireworks!

Justice League of America #59
Donna's dead?!?!?! Hopefully not for long! The Eclipso story is wrapping up next month, so expect some eleventh hour acrobatics from Starman and Obsidian and a dreamy, power-awakening pseudo-death for Donna, as well as a trick or two from the man in the two-tone mask to raise the stakes for next month. This has been a really interesting cast of characters, so I hope they go out with a bang!

Hack/Slash #6
Cassie's having dreams. About Beebs, about Gaga, and about the cast of Jersey Shore. Sometimes don't you wish they were just dead? Cassie does. And she's been killing them in her dreams. Funny thing: when she wakes up, they are! But what kind of Final Girl would Cassie Hack be if she just let these wish-fulfilling forces of evil go unchecked? It's saddling up time as Hack/Slash take on the Fame Monster!

True Blood: Tainted Love #6
This story is ending! This issue is about Bill, says the solicit. And Sookie and Jessica too, but mostly Bill. Yawn... I haven't been picking up this TB series, so don't know if we can expect some Lafayette, but it's the last issue, so if you have been reading along, this is the big finale!

Herc #5
Herc loses his shirt for a scene! Justice! Also, he's teaming up with his mystical foes to go take down a bunch of run-away gods who are riding high on the tide that is Fear Itself. So, cool times. Herc smash!

DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman - The 70's
This seems like it could be the coolest thing! If you don't know, before the big re-launch DC is doing a limited series of three issues each for its long-running heavy-hitters, one for the '70s, one for the '80s, and one for the '90s! The issue will be written by an iconic writer from that era and work to capture the spirit of the decade. This week it's the '70s, which means Wondy is in white and... really I don't know anything about this era, which is why I'm gonna #buyit and find out!

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