Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Superqueeros! for July 6th, 2011

I'm still in Canada atm, and I'm flying home tonight! So here's a quick look at the gays in comics this week:

Action Comics #528
I'm not really sure if Gravity Kid is a senior, but the senior Legionnaires-in-training are graduating, and Power Boy is DEFINITELY one of those. Will he make the cut to be in the Legionnaires? Will Gravity Kid make the jump to the DCnU? This is one of the titles that isn't going to change very drastically, so developments now are probably going to stick! #buyit

Secret Six #35
It's a Bane-centric issue as SS finds some pre-DCnU denouement, which means he'll be looking at his relationship with Scandal, and probably her current relationship. I'm interested to see a Secret Six issue that's not trying to be over-the-top "awesome". #checkitout

House of Mystery #39
The solicit for this issue is promising to reveal a lot of secrets, so I'm tagging it "awesome" in terms of twisty-plot reveals and "low-moderate" in terms of likelihood of finding out what Tursig's been up to. I'm gettin' it though!

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