Monday, July 11, 2011

SuperQueeros! for July 13th, 2011

While there's probably only one title this week that will feature a queer character in any significant capacity, I'm including two others in the hopes that their 'queero will make a cameo:

My comic book retailer gave me Alpha Flight #2, not Daken #11. So either he got shorted Daken or the shipping information I got this from was wrong! Daken: Dark Wolverine #11
Are there any other queer characters with their own on-going solo title? Even though he's another villainous queer, Daken is the most interesting superqueero around these days, and Rob Williams' run on this title isn't changing that any time soon. This issue sees the escalation of the plots introduced last issue: Daken gets nasty with his new closeted beau/tool, the serial killer gets stabbier, and the cop on the cover gets wrapped further in a web between the two of them.

New Avengers #14
I've read that Victoria is getting a little antsy playing the good guy and is double-agenting between the Avengers and the remains of H.A.M.M.E.R. The solicit for this issue says that the New Avengers and the Avengers are teaming up to deal with Fear Itself, though, so I'm not sure how Hand's double-dealing would feature in this issue. Either she's front and center, making some under-the-table meetings that will screw with her teammates, or she's sidelined this issue. Only one way to find out: flip through it in your comic book store and buy it if you see pink highlights!

New Mutants #27
So Karma's on the cover and on the first page, but if she's in this story at all you can color me purple and call me "Indra". I think Anole and Northstar on that first page too, and they're not even a part of this team! ANYWAY, it's New Mutants vs Sugar Man in a bid to free X-man, so hopefully they'll bring Karma in so that this isn't a snooze-fest. #AoAisboring

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