Monday, May 2, 2011

Superqueeros for May 4th, 2011

It's a motley assortment of queers in this week's comics shipment, but it's spearheaded by the epic conclusion to the most anticipated Secret Six story of all queer-story! (That's queer history, of course)

Secret Six #33
It's the end of "Darkest Hour", the awesome Secret Six story where the team fights its deceased members to see who gets to use the "Get Out of Hell Free" card! Someone's going to use it, but who will it be? I'm squeeing for Knockout to get the chance to return topside, but knowing Simone and her ever-expanding team of villains we'll probably get more than one resurrection. As long as one is Scandals' rowdy redhead, though, I'll be happier than a pig in mud!

House of Mystery #37
Okay, so the solicit says "a gang of mysterious strangers appears in the House of Mystery looking for one Lotus Blossom Mackenzie." Given the whole world-flipped-upside-down cliffhanger ending to the last issue I'm hoping that this "gang of strangers" involves some queer character, and my highest of hopes is that it includes Tursig. If it doesn't House of Mystery and I may begin seeing other people. Tursig hasn't been in so many of these issues recently! #VanishingGays

Fame: The Cast of Glee
Chris Colfer in comic book form! Also, other Glee actorzzzz... But Chris Colfer!!! The solicit doesn't say much, but if you're just starting your Mr. Colfer stalking this will probably condense all his interviews over the past 2 years into a handy two or three pages. And if, like me, you're already a huge Gleek then it'll combine three of your loves: comics, homos, and Gleeeeeeee!

Herc #2
If you don't remember, Herc's a canon Kinsey bisexual, so his continuing series makes the superqueero cut! Plus we get shots like this one. Anyone would go a little gay for that, am I right? And it's got Greg Pak co-writing, so it's got to be good!

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