Monday, May 23, 2011

SuperQueeros! for May 25th, 2011

This week's comics are more balanced in terms of the gender of the queers they include, mostly because I looked up a comic book that's been on-going for almost six years and, low and behold, the protagonist is bi! Actually, most of the superqueeros this week are bi...Take a look:

Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #68 (EDIT: Totes an Adult Title 4 Str8 Boiz, Sorry!!!)
Hello comic-book-I-never-knew-existed, how are you? Evidently you are a Wiccan comic book (EDIT: whose proponents doth protest that it's Wiccan) about a coven's witch-warrior-hottie who defends her people from nefarious busty threats. And has a regular lady-hook-up in the form of a were-feline named Boo Cat!? Also there's frequent (EDIT: constant) nudity and gravity-defying breasts??? So we're not really out of queer-sploitation territory (EDIT: We are at its HQ), but at least it sounds like fun! EDIT: PR0N! It sounds like pr0n! This is it folks! While you were collecting all the issues of Naked Justice and Guardians of the Cube and wondering what straight people did without a Patrick Fillion of their own, Jim Balent was hard at work (pun intended) on being the straight, witch-y version of looking-at-superheroes-with-over-sized-sex-organs! Except someone felt like they had to market this book as female-empowering, not-pr0n? Straight people are weird...

Evidently it is horrible/hilarious: Here's an NSFW link that gives a great example of what this book is and, if you like that blog post, then I strongly encourage you to check out the rest of the links T-Dogg has provided in the comments! Seriously, the only things empowered by this comic are the male gaze and haunted vaginas, two things that I believe firmly in focusing on straight boys!

Wolverine #9
Mystique and her weird chest/heart bomb from Dark Reign are back! Or else she just got shot in the torso. It's hard to tell, because the preview has no lettering... I'm also not sure how either of those things would even slow down the Marvel U's Master of the Morph. Whatever the case, Wolvie is after her, 'cause he's pretty sure that she knows who sent him to Hell (wasn't it Daken?) and he wants to know whose balls he needs to bust. I'm definitely picking this issue up because, while Wolverine is as boring as toast, Mystique is the best thing since sliced bread!

Daken: Dark Wolverine #9.1
Speaking of Wolverine's bi, anti-heroic, sociopathic son, he's getting his very own "Point 1" issue! I'm nervous that when Rob Williams takes over scribe duties on Daken the Dark Wolverine's queerness will get swept under the rug. Let's hope this issue makes a point of showing all the things that Daken will do to get what he wants, including a man in uniform! ;)

True Blood: Tainted Love #4
No Lafayette in the solicit again, but he's one of the main cast so... I imagine he'll be in this book. (Obviously I haven't been keeping up with the True Blood comic book... Oops!)

Gotham City Sirens #23
Harley's still in Arkham, so Selina and Pam are going in to break her out! Let's just hope they can get her out of the toxic embrace of her ambivalent amour, the Joker!

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T-Dogg said...

Oh no...Oh NO, boys. No.

If you want to read what Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose is about, I would beseech you read these hilarious and devastatingly honest reviews by ComicAlliance's Chris Sims.

I would start here:

Then go here:

Then peruse these at your leisure:

T-Dogg said...

LOVE the edit, haha. And i totally didn't even think how straight-Patrick Fillion Tarot is. :D Over-sized genitalia is the special of the day.

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