Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Superqueeros! for May 18th, 2010

It's boy-week in comics this week as we get six bi/gay/pansexual male-indentified characters in four books! Plus a cover by out comic book artist Phil Jimenez! Now if we can just get Herc to get some on-panel guy-action I'll be a happy clam! Or snail, as the case may be. ;)

Alpha Flight #0.1
ALPHA FLIIIIIIGHT!!!!! As a queer and a Canadian I am STOKED to see this title back on the shelves. Plus, since I didn't read the original series I'm interested to learn about (most of) the original team. Especially Marrina! (Didn't she die really early on? She's back!) This issue is a pre-series set-up issue, so it should be perfect for folks like me who want some background on the ground-breaking Canadian super-squad. Plus, it'll have Northstar and Phil Jimenez on covers, so we basically know it's going to be a whole helping of awesome, Canook style! #pickoftheweek

X-Factor #219
Mysteries! Last issue was packed with MYSTERIES! Who are these super-powered Hit Girls? How can they fire bullets out of nothing? How can they so rarely miss?? How can they RISE FROM THE DEAD??? Well we're about to find out because M is PISSED OFF and ready to telepathically break into the Fort Knox of Answers that is J Jonah Jameson's mind! Plus, is someone going to tell her that Strong Guy got all fix-i-fied before she smashes some villain's face into the ground? And why isn't Guido pictured on any of the next three months of covers???

Herc #3
So our fav bi-guy Herc ain't got no powers (Humanizing! Good narrative move!) and so his sassy handler Rhea has him listen to people's problems (Good lift from JMS's Superman story!) and then put on some fancy clothes to fight Brooklyn's beasts. BAD MOVE! Just like Emma Frost, Herc uses his semi-nudity to distract his opponents/readers into making bad combat choices/impulse comic purchases! Unless his tunic is going to have as many wardrobe malfunctions as Caitlin's from Gen13 I demand a redesign!

JLA #57
After the Obsidian/Jade crossover between JSA and JLA I forgot to keep following the adventures of pan-sexual alien Starman! Luckily he's been busy fighting Eclipso, so I don't think he's noticed his fall from my queer spotlight, but I figured I should bring him back into the fold. Also, totally coincidentally, Obsidian guest stars in this issue! But, given Todd's past with Eclipso, whose side will he be on? And will that dumb Brightest Day mechanic be gone so that he can team up with his sister, or is this book's creative team about to get HUGE HEADACHES trying to both tell their story and separate two of its main characters at all times???

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