Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Superqueeros! for January 26th, 2011

All the queers in comics this week, at your fingertips. And if I miss one, let me know!

New Mutants #21
Zeb Wells' two years writing on New Mutants has been about getting to this point: Elder Gods are attacking Earth, the X-Men (and everyone else) has failed at keeping them at bay, and it's up to Karma to activate humanity's only hope, Professor X's son Legion, without turning on his villainous tendencies as well. This is what Illyana came back to prevent, this is what this book has been building up to for two years, and this is the last chapter before Age of X! Definitely a must read.

X-Men: To Serve and Protect #3
Storm becomes a pseudo-Thor again! Blink gets a story!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kitty looks for a cure at the Baxter Building! And Chris Yost's AWESOME (I know, I too am shocked!) Rockslide/Anole story enters it's second half! Seriously, these X-Men short story collections are some of the best X-stories out there, and they almost always include an LGBT hero. Plus, Anole and Rockslide are so awesome together and I think that this story, along with Young X-Men, is going to be a defining story for their relationship. This is the book I'm most looking forward to this week!

Chaos War #5
The final chapter of Chaos War! Expect a cameo from Northstar as he and the rest of Alpha Flight join the final fight against the Chaos King. I haven't been following this mini, but I hear that it's a great story that revitalizes the deities of the Marvel U, which sounds like a superheroic task in and of itself. Whatever the case, any book with Alpha Flight or Northstar in it has to be amazing. It's called the Canada Effect, and it means you should pick this title up. ;)

Queer Interest:
More awesomeness as JMS's Wonder Woman reboot takes on the Morrigan! Though he's left the books we're still running JMS's scripts, so this book is sure to rock! Unfortunately, I'm not comfortable putting this title in the main section until we get some explicit queering of sex/gender.

Technically that awesome "Death of Hercules" one-shot from last year established Namor as having some same-sex experiences with the Greek Muscle-God. Which isn't to say that he's not straight, but until he does he's earned this place in Superqueeros Limbo! Oh, and he's going to Hell for a storyline because blah blah Wolverine sales figures blah.

Also, I figured some gays might be interested to note that The Last Unicorn is out as a hardcover graphic.

Yaoi, etc.:
Wow. Kinky-sounding, eh? This is a Boss-and-employee yaoi that I figured I should post, since it is gay-themed sequential art. But other than that I'm as much in the dark as anybody!

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