Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Fantastic Four No More

So, FYI, if you haven't looked at the internet today and you want to know which member of the Fantastic Four dies tomorrow, then take a google at "spoilers which Fantastic Four member dies?" and you will totes get your answer. Feel free to react (SPOILER FREE) in the comments section! Mine's below the cut:

Personally I'm very happy with who they decided to "kill off" (Let's be honest: this character will be back after the summer miniseries about the her/his rebirth). Out of the four candidates, he/she wasn't the one with the highest boring-o-meter readings, but she/he did have some pretty snore-inducing qualities and I think his/her death will allow every other character to have lots of strong, yet complex, "emotions" without removing any interesting story elements.

And in the "win" column, now that the First Family of Marvel is the DysFUNctional Family of Marvel, maybe their stories will be interesting! Or Valeria will get her own ongoing title! It's the circle of life!

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