Friday, January 7, 2011

Jean Grey Joins Line-Up for Marvel vs Capcom 3

Betches rejoice for the dream of dreams of gay fanboys worldwide has come to pass. Jean Grey will be making her Versus debut as Phoenix in the upcoming fighting game. While I've been holding out hope for an Emma Frost character (think about it... switching between psychic form and diamond form), Jean Grey alone is enough for me to pick up this game to add to my library.

Some highlights that we can see from the video include Phoenix being a character with flight capabilities like Storm and Magneto which bodes well for good air combos. In addition we get a look at some pretty interesting supers including a healing aura that returns health as you deal damage out, a standard ranged burst of phoenix energy, and the big mama of her repertoire: Dark Phoenix. If you have 5 bars of supers stored up and receive a killing blow. Jean will instantly resurrect as a souped up Dark Phoenix version with full health. This health bar depletes regularly, so you have a limited time as Dark Phoenix... but this is awesome.

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