Monday, October 4, 2010

SuperQueeros! for October 6th, 2010

Welcome to October! This is my favourite month: leaves are changing color, the weather is cooling down, Halloween is on the horizon, and it's my birthday month! So which queer-featuring comics are coming out this inaugural Wednesday?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #37
Spike is back, Angel is back, Riley is back... The only prior season love-interest missing is... SUNNYVILLE! Yes, the answer to solving the havoc of Season 8 is to return to the Hellmouth we all know and love! I'm assuming that it's to face down the Master again, but Spike (and the writers) is the only one who knows for sure. Maybe it'll be that he and Angel have to make out??? With the Master??? #nowitisjustweird

The Authority #27
Rescue mission!!!! Some meanie aliens have stolen everyone and Swift, River, and some others (Rainmaker?) have to get them back! Before they're tortured to death! Only 3 issues left before the Wildstorm White Out! With so little time left, what exactly is about to go down?????

House of Mystery #30
More Tursig this month??? Probably! I mean, he has to become a kick-butt general by December, so this month he's probably going to have to take a stand against his crush and wrest away control of the goblin army! I'm guessing. Also this month: a killer ribbon! (hunh??????) #getit

Secret Six #26
Secret Six bloodbath, part 2! Scandal has a team, Bane has a team, and only Six will be left standing (by 2011)!! This is what we in the industry (actuarial science? blogging? being human?) like to call AWESOME. Super villains were made to fight, but very rarely do we get to see them win! #excited!!

Madame Xanadu #27
Touch! Part 4 of the 6-part senses storyline for Madame Xanadu is all about a cold-hearted beauty, averse to physical contact and whose touch brings terror! Set in the swinging '60's with art by Celia Calle, this is sure to be an interesting tale and a visual extravaganza!

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