Monday, October 25, 2010

SuperQueeros! for October 27th, 2010

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - X-Men vs. Vampires #2
KARMA STORY! The traditional annual collection of X-Men character vignettes has rolled around to it's requisite queer story, and it's about KARMA! I've definitely been missing my monthly Karma-inclusive stories ever since New Mutants started ignoring its X-men to focus on Project Purgatory, so this is going to be like a rainstorm in the desert for me! And it's about her being in Weight Watchers (BEST NOD TO THE 80s EVER) and having a metal leg (THANK YOU FOR FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGING IT) and checking out the sexy ladies! So basically it's amazing. #getit

X-Men: Legacy #241
The conclusion to the Dubai story! Anole + Loa + butt-kicking = AWESOME. I can't wait to see what happens to Luz (is she going to become a cast member for the new book? Is she going to be an X-Ally, thereby mitigating or ending the threat of the Children of the Vault?) and how Magneto and Rogue end their trip together. I figure that they won't hate each other, given that Magneto is getting his own continuing series, but I'm also hoping they don't hook-up. Now that Rogue can control her powers she should go find some GOOD love interests! #Anole!!!

Wildcats #28
So the world is basically exploding around our heroes right now as Gaia tries to kill everything, Ladytron has resurrected a robot army to take on the Spirit of the Earth, and those not on damage control are trying to find a new Doctor quickly who can cure the planet and set things to rights. Midnighter has so far been MIA in this new storyline, but Apollo is at ground zero, fighting to keep Gaia at bay. Hopefully we'll get some character development for him this issue? #notlikely

JSA #44
New creative team!!! Obsidian isn't featured on the cover or the variant cover, so I'm not holding my breath for his inclusion in this title, but it was his last known team affiliation. Hopefully he's included and used, and the spotlight he and his father had last issue wasn't a farewell issue to placate fanboys and fangirls. #fingerscrossed

Wonder Woman #604
AWESOME! Another story arc resolution this week as JMS's first Wonder Woman tale closes out. NewDiana faces down the man who re-wrote reality and turned her world (and ours!) upside-down! I don't usually advocate misandry but, Diana, KICK HIM IN THE BALLS!

Madame Xanadu #28
It's the last of the Five Senses as Xanadu helps a chibopath (see Chew) who's starving from all the stories she's eating! MX continues to be a very entertaining read, though I'm not sure what aspect made it a GLAAD nominee last year... ALSO: next month is THE SIXTH SENSE!!!!!!!!

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