Monday, October 18, 2010

Kevin Keller Gets Mini-Series

Our boy, Kevin Keller over at Archie Comics just won't quit making news. It was announced at the Archie Comics panel at New York Comic Con that the new gay character in Riverdale has been so popular and well received by fans that he's receiving his own 4-part mini-series due out in summer 2011. Kevin's profile has been steadily rising and has been getting great press exposure for Archie Comics as a whole. I'll say this, I was the last person who expected to be excited about an Archie Comics announcement, but I can't wait to read Kevin's mini series. Hopefully we'll get to see Kevin with this mysterious "William" he's been texting back in his home town.

Sidebar: My crossover-slashfic brain immediately imagined William being Billy Kaplan aka Wiccan. Someone please write me some Billy/Kevin slash! #awesome

Also, check out Feast of Fun's interview with Dan Parent about Kevin Keller [source].

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