Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SuperQueeros! for July 8th, 2010

Happy (belated) Independence Day! Remember, the long holiday weekend means that comics ship on Thursday this week, so don't expect to find any brand new goodies at your comic book store today. But, oh man, tomorrow? Tomorrow expect EVERYTHING:

The Young Avengers: The Children's Crusade #1
That's right! Billy and Teddy and Heinberg and Cheung all back together again (no homo [WAIT, TOTALLY HOMO])! And they're about to go find the scarletest betch of all, the Scarlet Witch! This is the event of the year DECADE for any fanboy or girl of gays, magic, or Marvel, and it starts TOMORROW!!!!!! Plus, now with gay kisses! #SWOON

House of Mystery #27
Tursig gets more screen time as we get to the halfway point of the year that promises to see everyone's favourite gay goblin become a warrior king and a major player in the HoM universe. The solicits promise "changes" in this issue, and Tursig is even featured on the cover. If there's one issue of HoM you buy this year, it's looking like this is it!

The Authority #24

All that deep space mojo that the Authority pissed off last month? Yeah, it's attacking them now. Let's hope Rainmaker makes it through the day, slays the Aegean zombie, and gets the girl!

The Secret Six #23
Gail Simone is on break for the next storyline, but John Ostrander isn't pulling any punches. Scandal Savage is going to have to fight for her life as the tables get turned on the Secret Six when they become the prey of some wealthy, amoral predators. Hopefully Ostrander and RB Silva (pencils) will be able to capture Baine's and Catman's inner shirtless-ness. #complexstuff

The Rawhide Kid #2
Ugh. When Marvel told us that they were updating their ruff-and-tuff, coded-gay cowboy character to be explicitly out, they forgot to mention that they were going to completely rewrite his personality. Am I missing something? Is this new Rawhide Kid a harbinger of queer awesome-nocity, or simply trite lip service to a hypothetical gay populace that lives everyday like it's a Queer Eye premiere? I mean, I will park my butt in front of some Bravo, don't get me wrong. But "The Good, the Bad, and the Fabulous"? Really Marvel? Reeeeaaaaaally?

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