Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SuperQueeros! for July 21st, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Volume 6, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour, came out today!!!! Did you go to a midnight release party? I totally did! And then I stayed up and read Volume 6!!! I do not remember Scott Pilgrim being so much about pictures. And declarative sentences. But I guess you can't be asking questions all the time! Or talking! Also, BLOOD.

Anyway, I loved it and it was cute and there were 4 (FOUR!!) gays, two of whom TOTES MADE OUT, so SP6 gets ALL THE THUMBS UP!!

Oh, and some other comics come out this week?

New Mutants #15
Karma has a sexy new leg!!!

"I thought you said was going to be sexy!?" "This is sexy!!"
- exchange between Karma, the lesbian-sexual, and Box, the machine-sexual???, in Second Coming #2

Also, more demons are coming to kill everybody! Because Inferno was an atrocity whose sins are going to be revisited on an unsuspecting readership team of New Mutants!! Oh, and Moonstar and Cannonball are totally making out? And Sunspot and Magma are totes an item now? So Zeb Wells likes bad 80's crossovers and... 'shipping? I just hope that all the romance hasn't gotten in the way of his writing some bad-as guns into Karma's machine-leg!

X-Factor #207
Something, something HELA!! Rictor and Shatterstar, sleuthing, butt-kicking boyfriends, and some other people get hired by the Viking Goddess of Hel to do... something! And evidently it will have the internet all atwitter and the twitter all abuzz and the googlebuzz all a-internet because something MAJOR CRAZY FREAKY is about to go down on the last page! So go buy it! (actually do: Peter David is pretty much known as "The Delivery Man" because he always #delivers)

Justice Society of America #41
Obsidian is still crazy! Starman just got his heart crystal ripped out! Is he dead??? Will he be able to be resuscitated?? Will the Starheart drop it's hold on Obsidian long enough for him to sexily save the blue, bi alien hero? Will the totally make out, despite the chaotic havoc around them?? Hopefully the answer to all these questions will be YES, but the only way you'll know for sure is to pick up JSA #41!!

Dark Wolverine #88
Daken vs FrankenCastle! The match-up that killed Frank Castle will probs play into his resurrection (see Shadowland previews/comic book history 101), and here's where it all goes down! Also, given the title's history, maybe there will be some Punisher-on-Wolvie making out! (plz?)

True Blood #1

Something something... all the cool TV show characters tell their origin stories told... something... Alan Ball gets paid... something something LAFAYETTE!!!!!! That last word is the only one you need to know. This is gonna be awesome (hooker)!

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