Monday, July 12, 2010

SuperQueeros! for July 15th, 2010

Wildcats #25
Last issue Zealot and Midnighter decided to throw down over Zealot's morally problematic baby-factory. This issue? PAYOFF. Of course, according to the solicit, it doesn't look like we'll settle the issue of who would win the fight because the fighting will probably stop when someone"gets caught in the crossfire". Hopefully that only happens after ten pages of @$$-kicking action, though!

X-Men: Hellbound #3
The conclusion of the most gay-friendly X-men storyline I've ever read! The conflicts have been set up: evil-ized Dazzler, Northstar, & Gambit vs not-evilized Cannonball & Anole, and Magik vs Pixie and a Demon. Things about to get CRAZY. I'm hoping that we find out more about Gambit's transformations, but that he still retains the ability to transform upon leaving Limbo, and that this issue will mark an end to Anole's asymmetry, either by his regrowing a twinkier, less awkward arm, or by his losing the left arm too. Also, I'd like a guest appearance by Dex-Starr, please?

The Authority: The Lost Year #10
This is where the end begins! The Authority have battled themselves across many multiple universes, but in this month's issue they come face to face with the most evil incarnations of themselves yet. You thought used car salesmen were bad? Well this Authority is an iron-willed fascist government, complete with internment camps and bad facial hair (I'm guessing)! Can Midnighter, Apollo, and the rest of the gang wrest power away from their crazy clones, or will we find out that the Authority we've been reading about in World's End is actually a bunch of inter-dimensional Nazi invaders???? Or maybe blah, blah, moral ambiguity, violence, character development, blah?

New Mutants #15
Remember Inferno? Yeah, I wasn't literate then either. But Zeb Wells does! (Or has a library card!) Because there's a platoon from Purgatory about to rain heck down on our recovering New Mutant heroes, and it ain't gonna be pretty! Though frequently side-tracked by the species-wide crossovers of the past six months, this is the storyline that New Mutants has been working toward. Why is Magik back? What alternate, horrible future is she trying to prevent? What nefarious purpose does Project Purgatory serve? What cool stuff will Karma's robot leg be able to do??? All this and more will be answered in these pages, people. All this, and MORE!

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