Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SuperQueeros! for February 3, 2016

It's crossover city this month! Midnighter crosses paths with another set of DCU spies, Batgirl leans on an old teammate for help, and the X-Men fight to save one of their ex-members.  SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!   

Midnighter #9
Long ago Batman founded The Outsiders. As a Batman analogue, what sort of super-group would Midnighter found? As a questing vigilante hunting for more God Garden gadgets, what super-group will Midnighter need to steal from this month? IMO, these questions have the same answer: The Suicide Squad!

Batgirl #48
With Batgirl losing more and more of her memories, it's time for her to turn to Black Canary for help!

Uncanny X-Men #3
Next on the deadpool list is Triage! Can Magneto and Psylocke save him, or are they too practiced at killing to be of any use to a healer with a death sentence? Also, what's Mystique been up to?

Deadpool Corner: Deadpool: Mercs for Money #1 sees Deadpool and his band of merry mercenaries take on the Heroes for hire mantle, while Uncanny Avengers #5 ushers in the first post-Secret Wars appearance of Gambit.

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