Tuesday, February 16, 2016

SuperQueeros! for February 17, 2016

The love continues this week as we continue to get a cavalcade of 'queeros! SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Archie #6
Now that Jughead came out as asexual in last week's Jughead #4, there's nary a comic in the New Archie-verse that isn't queer inclusive! Speaking of Jughead, you can catch him in issue #6 of Archie's comic as he continues to have a big fight with his best friend. :_(

Bitch Planet #7
And speaking of queer titles that flew under my radar, Kelly Sue DeConnick's excellently titled "Bitch Planet" sees the arrival of a new character on the women's prison planet.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #24
Discord is the name of the game this issue as the team's interpersonal feuds and personal lives start moving the Scoobies away from each other and away from the Mistress' trail.

Poison Ivy Cycle Of Life And Death #2
Just as P.I. has a break through in her research, her one supporter at the Gotham Gardens is murdered! Can Ivy being the prime suspect in a navigate a murder investigation while also focusing on her latest experiment?

Rachel Rising #40
Finally! Jet and Earl discover Dr. Siemen's wife!

Lumberjanes #23
Molly learns about lycanthropy while the rest of the crew go to save a boat!

Harley Quinn #25
It's here! Harley takes on the Joker in her solo title!

Secret Six #11
Now that Black Alice is a little blacker and magic is, for the moment, saved in the DCU, it's time for Strix to take center stage!

Extraordinary X-Men #7
Iceman and the away team are confronting the raging flames of Sunfire in Weirdworld, while Jean and Storm are chasing after Nightcrawler's sanity in Limbo! Man, X-Men really knows how to include every genre in a single story.

Wonder Woman #49
Ares and Apollo are back! Will Diana remain God of War? Will she need to bring the pain on her newly reborn cousins?

Deadpool and Cable Split Second #3
Now that you've seen how the Deadpool cinematic saga begins, find out how this miniseries ends. If it's with Nathan and Wade locking lips, I will feel so vindicated for including them in this round up.

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