Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SuperQueeros! for May 1st, 2013

Revision to a retraction! Remember how Kid Briton called Anachronism and Bloodstone boyfriends before his untimely beheading? Well, it turns out he was only half being a homophobic jerk: Bloodstone is gay! So go pick up his coming out issue, Avengers Arena #8, and Tong's coming out issue of FF, #6, and then check out all the awesome comics coming out this week that feature... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgendered, and queer in comics today!

The Movement #1
Gail Simone's new Occupy-inspired comic starts this week, and Gail has said on Twitter that there will be an LGBTQ character! Intriguing and exciting!

X-Factor #255
"Hell on Earth War" concludes and someone "unexpected" will be sitting on the throne of hell. I would least expect Rictor, but given M's recent diagnosis, maybe X-Factor's invincible bad-as will choose to ascend to godhood rather than slump off this mortal coil?

Chew #35
Chu continues to go after his sister's vampiric killer, while Applebee and his new ally, Colby, set up the next phase in his game.

Fashion Beast #9
The penultimate issue! With the power structure shifting around her, where will Doll emerge?

Artifacts #27
I checked out the last issue of this and I'm up on my stuff: Dani Baptiste is just a cop and Finch, her gf in the old universe, is the Angelus in this new universe that the Darkness created! In short: we have superqueero!

Earth 2 #12
Dr. Fate and Wotan's battle seems to have caught the attention of a certain Lantern...

Archie #643
"Archie Meets Glee" continues! Will Puck pash Betty? Will Kevin connect with Blaine? Will both universes IMPLODE???

Stormwatch #20
Apollo, Midnighter, and the rest of the new Stormwatch team pummel aliens in their first off-world mission!

All New X-men #11
Angel goes AWOL, Jean goes Omega-level, and maybe we'll get some advancement of Mystique's plotting?

Ultimate Comics X-men #26
Colossus gets a mention by Storm in the first few pages; does this mean he'll be showing up this issue?

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