Monday, December 17, 2012

SuperQueeros! for December 19th, 2012

Ah, December! Holidays. Vacations. And not only do we get a reprieve from work, but our comics do too! Next week the only comics coming out are Aquaman, JLA, and the last issue of Amazing Spider-man, so this week we're loaded up with 'queeros!

Batwoman #15
The penultimate issue of the awesome Wonder Woman/Batwoman crossover! It features every Batwoman character coming together to battle Medusa and also features the all-new incarnation of some yet-to-be-named character. GOSH I HOPE IT IS RENEE MONTOYA!!!!!!! In my opinion, Maggie is to Kate as Kennedy is to Willow: not OTP. Either way, this issue is sure to be a show-stopper!

X-treme X-men #8
Speaking of show-stoppers, Dazzler's inter-dimensional murder tour is about to hit a roadblock when her team comes face to face with their replacements: Zombie Apocalypse Dazzler and Howlett's hot ex, Hercules!

Wonder Woman #15
The new mythology of DCnU Wonder Woman continues to grow with the introduction of the New Gods! You've seen Diana face down her siblings in battle, but how does she compare to the awesome might of the Apokoliptian Orion???

Astonishing X-men #57
Warbird takes front and center this issue as she works find a place for herself here on Earth.

X-Factor #249
Ever the meta title, it's the end of the world in X-Factor this week and the Warders are here to make sure our dashing dude-couple don't mess it up!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #15
Crossover with Teen Titans! Not sure if Bunker is in this, but at least Starfire wears clothes now!

Hellblazer #298
John only has FIVE DAYS TO LIVE!!!! His wife thinks he should stop being so dramatic.

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