Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SuperQueeros! for December 12th, 2012

The ripple effects of my research into queer comic book characters continues this week with a new (read: VERY OLD, with her own canceled solo series) bi lady, plus a ton of the other great superqueeros!

EDIT: I forgot to mention Kevin Keller and Clay Walker in this week's Life with Archie!

Grifter #15
"Grifter's not bi!" you say. "Or a lady!" And right you are!! But his partner in action-packed-adventures, Voodoo, is very much both of those things. And this week they face off against the Suicide Squad! Maybe they'll off one of the SS and Voodoo will get to join up. And then she can date Knockout or Scandal! Or both! #matchmakermatchmaker

X-treme X-men #7.1
This issue is a brief interlude before our heroes rejoin head-in-a-jar-Xavier and meet the team he gathered to replace them, but it starts out AWESOMELY: our thundering threesome pick up a fearsome fourth when they are joined by space-mecha-piloting-SAGE!!!!!!!! Sage was a stalwart of the original "X-treme" team, so her joining up is an awesome nod to her origins. Plus, since she was kinda an Emma Frost stand-in (just with an ever-expanding list of powers), it's a lil' cheeky having her replace Emmaline. Now all she has to do is kill a space-whale-Brood-Xavier, find our heroes a way back to their head-in-a-jar-Xavier, and not find herself in any one of the perilous positions telepaths seem to encounter in this book! (Also, evidently, now that the universe is busted 'n' stuff any telepath with a wandering mind's eye can 'port a whole gaggle of mutants across inter-dimensional boundaries? Whatevs.)

Supurbia #2
DID YOU READ LAST MONTH'S ISSUE?!?! It looks like Hector Hunt is going to be romancing Night Fox's wife Alexis (or having someone do it for him)!!!! And Gio is totes gonna be coming out so he can push the tension and have Night Fox all to himself! Oh, and I'm loving the transgressive storyline of the Son of the (Mongolian) Amazons. It will be interesting to see the intolerance of the Mongolian Amazons and how the book treats it! Plus Hella Hunt is screwed! Argh, I love this book!!!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Freefall #16
Billy's in the main cast now (woo!) but the solicit only says that Buffy will have to face a demon from one of her long-lived exes' pasts. Fingers crossed that Bill gets involved! And CuteDevon!

Demon Knights #15
Madame Xanadu! Shining Knight! Exoristos (Shining Knight's sapphic Amazon)! This book is just awesome! And this issue they only have to defeat two armies (one: Lucifer's, the other: the Questing Queen's), revive Merlin, and survive a time jump (and a shift in writer)! Who lives? Who dies? Who retires???????

Hack/Slash #21
"Final" continues!!! Lotsa people die!

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