Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SuperQueeros! for August 1st, 2012

And just to match last week's week of beginnings (Shout out to the schoolies!), this week is a week of good-byes: to a great series that I was JUST getting into, to all the DCnU books, to the queerest Academy ever to grace the pages of comics, and to Strong Guy's "good guy" image. See for yourself:

i, Zombie #28
The final issue!!! (Great cover too!) I guess it's true what they say, you can't face an elder god without losing either your mind or your continuing series. That's what's happening with Gwen: The soul-sucking, Innsmouth-generating space-Cthulu (Xitalu for short) that's menacing the planet has arrived and started chowing down on Earthlings. Luckily, Gwen has a plan. Unluckily, it involves filling herself up with so many (living) souls that she is essentially a Giant Gulp of spirits (last Friday night), then feeding herself to the space monster so that it will take a nap (food coma!). Unfortunately for the plan, however, her friends and family's penchant for sticking together in times of trouble has landed all of them in Giant Gulp ground-zero. Is saving the world worth it if you have to kill everyone you love to do it? And, more importantly, will the were-terrier get the guy before it's too late to ride off into the sunset (of existence)???

Avengers Academy #34
Thanks to AvX the Academy is closing down and, for the next four months, the kids have to decide if they're going to follow Veil to Jeremy Briggs' rival academy or... do some... other thing? It's very unclear. Their only other choice appears to be homelessness. Anyway, pressing social issues aside, Briggs has promised the kids a release from their powers! Whoo! Hazmat and Mettle might get some happiness! But there's always a cost, and this time it might be paid with lives... 

(But it will probably just be paid with angst and weird deformities. #spoilers)

Stormwatch #12
All endings are beginnings too, especially with next month's issue zeroes for the DCnU books. This week Martian Manhunter breaks up with Stormwatch, ending the first era of the Stormwatch epoch. But, because he wears a cape, he has to do it the only way superheroes know how: with a knock-down, drag-out brawl! In space! 

Also, later this month Stormwatch guests in I, Vampire, the village bicycle of crossovers. #RelevanceThroughForcedInteraction

X-Factor #241
Strong Guy's been dumped. And, as we all learned in Teen Wolf this week, when you die and come back your a soul gets replaced by a hottie-cidal fury that makes you exact indiscriminate vengeance on every Tyler you come across! Using a Colton Haynes!!!! 

I mean, Strong Guy will probably use his fists and incredible intellect, but... I still have my fingers crossed for a Colton Haynes! #Kanima

Earth 2 #4
Bottom billing for killing minority characters. Boo! I just really hope Solomon Grundy or Rose/Thorn is Sam reincarnated... I want conflicted gay romance between equals!!! Like Catwoman!!! #AnneHathawayDreams

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