Monday, July 23, 2012

SuperQueeros! for July 25th, 2012

Two of my favorite queer characters showed up again last month!!!! Willow and Daken are rocking new books and, with only one back issue to pick-up, we should all go check them out!

Angel & Faith #12
Willow's teaming up with the Angel-verse (Faith, Angel, and Connor) to go to a hell (Quor-Toth) to try and bring back magic! Meanwhile, it looks like Giles' nieces are going to have to take care of some unwanted vampire thieves before they can get back to their TOWIE marathon.

Uncanny X-Force #28
Last issue the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants revealed itself: AoA Blob, Sabretooth, The Shadow King, Skinless Man (uhh... gross), the Omega Gang (Omega Red + buddies????), Genesis (but I wanted Good-pocalypse!), and... MYSTIQUE WITH DAKEN AS THE LEADER!!!!! OMG,  this book just got amazing-er!!!!!!!!!!! Except that they killed Gateway, which is the crap-est thing anyone has ever done. #racialprofiling

Astonishing X-Men #52 
The honeymoon has to be put on hold! Last month Kyle and Jean-Paul were the first gay superheroes to tie the knot (on page -- unless we ever saw Apollo and Midnighter's nuptials? In which case I NEED THAT ISSUE!), but this month it's time to get back to the crisis at hand and find out who's making Karma crazy so we can help her kick its butt! And maybe her kick-as leg will kick some as too! (Also, has anyone noticed how often Karma just disappears only to get her brain taken over by evil psychics? You would think people would have started wondering if she were okay when she wandered off, rather than waiting until she crash landed back into their X-lives. Or maybe they should use her like a plot trouble detector to find evil psychics...)

Teen Titans #11
Wonder Girl's armor puts its plans into action and attacks the "teens"! (Come on, none of these people act or look like teens.)

True Blood #3
Vampires and stuff and Lafayette!

Justice League Dark #11
Yeah, I read last month's issue and I still don't understand the solicit. Evidently "secrets" are "revealed"? Yeah, riiiiight. Only if this is the last issue in the series! Duh!

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