Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SuperQueeros! for April 4th, 2012

Only three comics this week, but all of them SO GOOD:

Supurbia #2
With Night Fox's queer indiscretions coming to light, this series earns itself a place in the hallowed ranks of superqueero comics. With the amazingness of the art, story, and writing themselves, it's earned itself a place forever in my heart. This book rocks. #buyit and see why the wives of superheroes are the new super-team burning up the sales racks!!

Avengers Academy #28
The second (and final) crossover issue with the Runaways! With the Runaways thinking Pym is out to institutionalize them, barely staying civil with the Academy students, and currently stuck in the mystical dino-dimension from which Reptil's powers come this issue is sure to take this storyline out with a roar!

Stormwatch #8
The battle with the gravity miners wraps up, as does Paul Jenkins' run. I'm interested to see how he closes up his run, given that Jenkins has shepherded us through a tumultuous beginning that set up quite a few long-term plot threads. Hopefully none of the hanging threads gets tied up when the gravity miners just, say, kill the Prince of Lies or something equally as deus ex blackhole.

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