Monday, April 16, 2012

SuperQueeros! for April 18th, 2012

Just a quick write up this week, but did you guys read Ultimate X-Men??? OMFGaga, THAT SH!T WAS CRAY!

Wonder Woman #8
Wondy's gotten tricked out by her new siblings and she raiding Hell! This title may not get as crazy as Ultimate X-men did last week, but if you want your socks blown off from sheer awesome-ness, this is the title to buy this week!

X-Factor #234

There are twelve cast members on this book. TWELVE. And they all manage to get solid airtime almost every issue! Now it looks like David is adding two more characters to the book, one of whom seems, from next month's solicits, to have a connection to 'Star and Longshot. Interesting...

Hellblazer #290
Just gonna quote the solicit. Whoever writes John's solicits is amazing: "Lost souls, sentimental psychopaths, and a plan to mess up an old enemy."

Justice League #8
1. New Green Arrow looks hot. 2. Wondy is queer enough for this title to count, right? Please flame my inbox with your opinion!

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