Monday, December 5, 2011

SuperQueeros! for December 7th, 2011

X-Factor #228
DID YOU READ ISSUE #227?????? That was CRAZY, Y'ALL! As in, I kind of don't understand what happened? But a lot of prophecies came true? But.... I don't know how? Also, why? And there's two more issues in this story arc so... The answers we'll be getting this week will probably only lead to more questions. Hopefully, though, we'll get some dot-connecting, because Regenesis is only two issues away and right now I don't think time is moving linearly for our heroes!

Stormwatch #4
So last issue's date didn't go very well and now Midnighter will have to rescue his soon-to-be-beloved from the stomach of a world-munching moon-beastie. By himself.

I give the monster 4 pages until it's dead.

The other news, though, is that there's a roster change to the team? I'm guessing they're referring to how the swordsman-guy who is the spirit of lies is going to betray the Authority and become their first Big Bad, but that's just a guess. They could mean they're going to kill Jenny and bring her back. Or knock out Adam One in a bid to make this an arc about nihilism. But I'm pretty sure no one's dying this early on, just switching sides.

True Blood: The French Quarter #4
Possibly the best cover of a comic book ever, ever. Eric, Sookie, and Bill deal with STDs while Lafayette and, evidently, Pam, get crunk on TruBlood cocktails. #awesome

Hack/Slash #10 & the 2011 Annual!
What to write about these two issues? From the solicits the annual seems like an interesting supernatural adventure and issue #10... seems like a cartoon-ish-ly absurd straight male fantasy. So pick it up, bi boys (and allies)!

2 betches:

T-Dogg said...

So, are you boys enjoying Stormwatch? I picked it up to issue #3 Because I didn't have much background on The Authority and thought it might be a good starting point. But I barely understand what's happening, especially between Adam One and the robot woman, and Midnighter and Apollo are very different from what little I know of them...

I can't say I'm liking it. Should I hold out?

Kuhnsy said...

T-Dogg, you've got to go back and read the first few trades of The Authority! Those stories are amazing, no holds barred, super smack downs that explore the depth and breadth of the consequences of giving god-like powers to mortal men. The Engineer is no simple robot woman, she's a cyborg powerhouse! And Midnighter and Apollo... are pretty bad-as, but also a little static. (Adam One is a new character, and a bit confusing to me too. I think he's a mystery on purpose.) I definitely think that catching up, at least to the birth of Jenny Quantum, would enrich your understanding of the reinvention of the Authority mythos that this series represents. And, I think, you'll find that this iteration shifts the equation to put Midnighter and Apollo front and center. I'm going to tell you to stick with it, but I think you'll feel instantly passionate about sticking with the series after you've read where it started. I don't know the future, but if this series becomes half of what its predecessor was you'll never forget it.

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