Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SuperQueeros! Back Issue Alert!

What's this protein-rich substance on my face????!!??!

Oh, it's egg. Because I have egg on my face. Because I missed tracking one of the campiest bisexual superheroes to ever grace the pages of a Marvel magazine: Julie Power!!!! And for that I am TOTES sorry.

In case you don't know, Julie came out when she was running with a short-lived but critically acclaimed group of ex-heroes called "The Loners". And, in case you're counting, yes, every rainbow-trailing lady in oh-so-subtle 616 is a flag-waving superqueero. A fact which I forgot until one of Power's new teammates decided to jump on the out-and-proud bandwagon and Avengers Academy writer Christos Gage gave this interview.

Did you go read the interview? It's good. Way, way heavy, but good. I went through a lot of emotions reading the piece, but Gage echoed a lot of the worries that I've heard from ill-augering fans and he seemed up on his research. I'm hoping that means that this is going to be a crazy poignant, crazy complex story. Plus, a new gay means a new love interest possibility for Graymalkin!

And it means that every little LGBTAllies comic book fan has some holiday reading to do: all 22 issues of Avengers Academy! (Or just start with #21 if you're only reading for Julie ;D )

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