Monday, October 17, 2011

SuperQueeros! for October 19th, 2011

Hellblazer #284
Posting this one first for obvo reasons. I love the conceit that Constantine is naked without his signature trenchcoat, and that the covers make the metaphor literal. It's totes filled with lols. Anyway, this issue continues the Gemma-has-Constantine's-coat story, but it turns out that I was very wrong about Gemma being his neice. That's some other wayward waif. And she's also in this issue. So it's brimming with awesome. #thingsIamsobuying

X-Factor #226
SOMEONE DIES!!!! For weeks we've been teased that one of the team kicks the bucket, and judging by the cover (I can't remember... that's what you ARE supposed to do, right?) it's gonna happen this month! My bet is on soul-less Guido or conundrum-wrapped-in-an-enigma Layla. Actually if it's Madrox there's the whole it-was-a-dupe dupe... And if it's 'Star there's the whole clone-thing that could bring him back... Banshee would just be funny in a sadistic way... Okay, I literally have no idea who's on their way out, because they all make SUCH GOOD VICTIMS (and are on the Regenesis cover). Oh, I guess it could be Pip too. #screwyoupip

Wonder Woman #2
Discord makes her entrance! I love that this comic is like spoiled-rich-kids-fighting (e.g., the CW), but with superpowers and mutilation (e.g., Spike)! #buyit!

Herc #9
Enter Elektra! This is a Greek mash-up of epic proportions!

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