Monday, October 31, 2011

SuperQueeros! for November 2nd, 2011

This week is the Hack/Slashiest! First, issue #9 from last week is actually shipping this week (Sorry Hack/Slashers!), and then there's issue 4 of a Hack/Slash crossover event with "Eva" (don't ask me). And for the friends of Dorothy there's a relevant reimagining and the third issue of the new Stormwatch comic! Good times!

(EDIT: Breaking news! Karma IS in New Mutants #33!!!! So pick it up!)
(EDIT 2: Also, there's a new True Blood comic that's already on issue #3?! And has a basically-NSFW- cover?! [it's not actually NSFW, unless you think Greg Land is NSFW] This week is SUPER queero!)

Hack/Slash/Eva #4
It's the last issue of the miniseries that pairs a nubile slasher-killing girl and her muscle-bound monster-man back-up with a time-displaced nubile monster-killing girl and her muscle-bound monster-man back-up! Find out if either of these final-girl leading ladies survives the greatest crossover since you looked in the mirror this morning, only at your local comic book store! (Note that for all my snide remarks this could actually be a good book: I haven't read it. But rest assured, this ain't no "Gert and Nico Raze the Patriarchy" so temper your expectations)

Stormwatch #3
What I gather from the solicit is that this issue has Apollo and Midnighter getting smashed and bashed while kicking the collective butt of the monster troops sent to invade Earth by a sentient Darwin-inspired, Apocalypse-esque Moon demon. But will they fall in love?????? #squee #buyit

Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #1

What's the land of Oz without the yellow brick road? Well, it's a lot more like the wilds of Kansas! And if there's anyone who knows the Kansas back country like the back of her hand, it's Dorothy Gale, cowgirl.

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