Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Northstar To Be Featured In Nation X, Art and Story by Gay Comic Artist!

Northstar. For queer comic fans he is the longest running joke in Marvel. Since his groundbreaking coming out in 1992 (after a series of unfortunate events including a short stint as a fairy and adopting an AIDS baby who then died), Northstar has occupied an interesting place in the hearts of gay comic book fans. On one hand he was a trailblazer, a shining rainbow beacon in Marvel's four-color world; on the other hand, he was generally misused and abused by many writers throughout his tenure with the X-men, and also remained perpetually single.

Northstar's reintroduction into the ranks of the X-men (after he was killed by Wolverine, resurrected by a clan of evil ninjas and then forced to attack his friends and allies) briefly introduced Northstar's first canon boyfriend, Kyle. This hanging plot thread is finally being addressed in January's issue of Nation X. And even better, mainstream comic's first openly gay superhero is in the hands of openly gay comic artist and writer, Tim Fish.

Boston-based comic artist Tim Fish is widely known for his adorable gay-themed comics and graphic novels, including Young Bottoms in Love and Cavalcade of Boys. He announced recently on his blog confirming that he has been slated for a Northstar story addressing Northstar's long-distance relationship with his boyfriend, Kyle. Fish writes:
Long story short, the X-Men now live on an island off the coast of California. One of their members, Northstar, is Canadian. Northstar of course if Marvel's first out super-hero (having come out in 1992) but never had a BF until a few months ago (though I understand for some time he had a roommate that some assumed to be his lover). So the story I was asked to do is about how living on the island is impacting his relationship
 I'm really excited for this issue, and the prospect of Marvel's second canon gay kiss! (I still can't believe that Billy and Teddy of Young Avengers haven't macked on screen yet. I must consume too much fanart). On top of all that, this issue is chock full of some of my favorites! Jubilee returns to the X-men, and not as some stupid "Wondra", No-Girl a.k.a. Brain in a Jar Girl kicks some ass... and oh yeah, a Gambit story... but we can forgive that. Plus a hawt cover:

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Kuhnsy said...

Gambit is actually intriguing me now, what with his nifty-cool Apocalypse-powers on the fritz and Rogue's newfound ability to put an end to their inane courtship and just f**k 'im. Where will his character go? What is his new role in the Marvel U? These questions burn in my mind whenever someone reminds me that he exists.

Tim Fish doing Northstar is pretty baller, but I kind of want Phil Jimenez (hee-MEH-nez, you were right) to give us his take too. Or some other well-established (gay) industry artist. Then we can revive MINX and give Northstar and Kyle their own Fish-created title. You know, our very own "Northstar loves Kyle AuClaire". (made that last name up. Kyle is Quebecois, rgt?)

And I have undying, unwavering love for both Martha and Jubes. I'm from the generation that watched "X-Men: The Animated Series" before ever reading comics, so I will forever believe in my heart that Kitty stole Jubilee's schtick, not the other way around.

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