Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dragon Age: Origins - Humans Top and Elves Bottom

So, I won't deny that a large part of Dragon Age: Origins' squee factor for me was the possibility of getting it on with hot elf assassin, Zevran. What can I say? I always had a thing for Legolas. (I'm also convinced Orlando Bloom only looks good with blond extensions.) While it would have been nice to do Alistair too have multiple male same-sex options, I was quite content with the opportunity to bed and wed the limber elven Lothario.
I had been working up to this achievement for quite some time; carefully selecting the adequate gifts to woo the object of my virtual affection. I even did some research on the correct conversations strings that would unlock the much anticipated man-on-man cut scene. So when I finally accrued enough affinity from Zevran to unlock the key conversation points that would get him into my tent (double entendre intended) I was surprised to discover that my elf mage PC had entirely different sex choreography scripted than the prior human/elf videos I had already seen online.

Here's how a human male interaction goes with Zevran. (**The following videos are possibly nsfw):

And here's how the elf-on-elf action unfolds:

Clearly, a production meeting occurred in the Dragon Age offices where it was decided that the PC humans and elves should occupy different sex roles regarding who takes it up the chimney sweep. I find it interesting that:

  • A) The designers thought it important enough to program two entirely different scenes for the different races
  • B) The smaller statured, slimmer elves are the default to bottom.
I wonder who pitches when Zevran beds a dwarf. I'm guessing the stolid, stone-loving, underground-dwelling race would be designed to also top, as most dwarves have enough body hair to send even the most prodigious Bears running. That being said, I find it fascinating to observe how sexual racism persists even the gaming world. While it is true, you can be a dark-skinned elf, just as easily as a light-skinned human... the notion that races generally fit into neat sexual archetypes still persists in the virtual world is interesting. It is reminiscent of how Asian men are assumed to be bottoms unless proven otherwise. Much in the same way that in Dragon Age, all bottoms are elves, but not all elves are bottoms (when bedding other elves). While I'll reserve myself from ringing the racism gong once again, I will say that I'd totally like to see Alistair bend over for Zevran.

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