Monday, October 19, 2009

Joss Whedon + Glee = My Television Exploding with Joy

So news of geeklebrity, Joss Whedon's, upcoming directorial stint on an upcoming episode of Glee have been bopping around the intertubes today.

When did Fox start fulfilling my every hope and desire, instead of beating it with a baseball bat, eviscerating it, and then raping its lifeless corpse (in that precise order). Could Fox soon replace ABC as my primetime network to beat?

ABC: Brothers and Sisters (Scottie! *drool*), Modern Family, Cougar Town (surprisingly funny), Ugly Betty
Fox: Glee, Dollhouse, So You Think You Can Dance.

Tough choice. I think ABC still wins out since SYTYCD is a reality show, and I end up fastforwarding through all the commentary and wind up watching about 25% of the actual content.

With Whedon coming on board with Glee, it begs the question... which beloved character is he going to kill off?!

My money's on Sue or Wheels. Joss has a history of killing off lesbians and plucky male side-kicks.

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Kuhnsy said...

I hope that he kills off Ken, Terri, the guidance counselor, or one of the Cherrios! Or, taking a page from Yost's New X-Men, he kills a whole busload of Cheerios!

PS- my roommate just glee-gasmed over that. ;)

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