Tuesday, September 13, 2016

SuperQueeros! for September 14, 2016

Gotham gets gayer, Wakanda hits its climactic battle, and Batwoman may lose her first Robin! It's... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Silk #12
First things first: Silk has had some queer supporting characters since day one! Issue #12 came out last week, so go pick it up to see what queer positivity looks like in... the Negative Zone!

Lumberjanes Gotham Academy #4
The final issue of this awesome crossover is here, and dire consequences are about to befall our heroes.

Gotham Academy Second Semester #1
Once our GA heroes get back to school, however, it's time for Olivia to meet the latest, queerest member of her posse: Amy!

Teen Titans #24
This volume of Teen Titans has always teased its issues with the idea that the team is about to break-up. At this point, I highly doubt the will, but...

Detective Comics #940
...the Teen Titans may have to break-up if Red Robin dies in Detective Comics! Tim has targeted all the Colony drones at himself and, unless Batwoman can convince her father to disarm them, it's curtains for everyone's favorite boy genius!

All New X-Men #13
One day Evan will have to decide if he is going to be Genesis or Apocalypse. Luckily, that day is not today, because the X-kids are too busy trying to stay alive in a world polluted with Terrigen mists!

Black Panther #6
The Dora Milaje rise! As Black Panther is brought low, Ayo and Aneka are Wakanda's only hope.

Earth 2 Society #16
It's time to remake Earth 2! Never before has a planet had some many reboot machines stored in its caves! What will Earth 2 look like after the Amazonian casket is done with it?

Suicide Squad #2
Croc, Boomerang, and Deadshot are down, meaning that Katana's only back-up are Harley Quinn and a graphic designer with a demon problem. Can Katana save the day all on her own?

Deadpool #1
Everyone hates Deadpool!

Uncanny Avengers #14
Since everyone hates Deadpool, his Avengers team continue to go rogue.

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