Tuesday, May 3, 2016

SuperQueeros! for May 4th, 2016

Happy Star Wars Day! As we all wait for FinnPoe to become canon, why not kick back with a few of these... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #2

Steven starts to have nightmares about the glass ghost Pearl made up. But it's all a dream, Amythest hasn't found any clues, and people in Beach City definitely aren't turning into glass. Right? RIGHT? #keepbeachcityweird

Wicked + Divine #19
Persephone and her crew make a bid to bring Dionysus into their fold. But what do they need with a bacchanalian hivemind? Plus, Ananke discovers Minerva's ruse!

Midnighter #12
Midnighter, Apollo, and the Suicide Squad versus Henry Bendix's latest and greatest creation! Will the addition of Task Force X tip the scales against "The Unified"? Or is the whole truly greater than the sum of its parts and are our heroes truly as dead as this cover implies? Bonus teaser: can Bendix survive the judgment of Amanda Waller?

New Suicide Squad #20
Back in their less chaotic eponymous title, the Deadshot has to swallow his pride and ask for the Captain's help to save his life! Will Deadshot choose a fate worse than death in order to avoid literal death?

Rat Queens #16
Now that the Queens are down one rockabilly sorceress, they decide the best course of action is to head back home to Pallisades to level up, restock, and check in on their boos and baes. Spoilers: everything has turned to garbage. And if there's one thing the Rat Queens know how to do, it's take out the garbage (by cutting a swath of destruction through whatever is in their way)!

Uncanny X-Men #7
The Uncanny X-Men continue their path through a twisted version of the Mutant Massacre: Sabretooth and M investigate a new mass extinction of the Morlocks. Meanwhile Psylocke and Magneto investigate a vision from Archangel's head and end up at a tent revival lead by a beatific and self-mutilated Warren Worthington III.

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