Tuesday, January 19, 2016

SuperQueeros! for January 20th, 2016

Both headliners and team players abound this week! There's a cornucopia of... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #1
Ivy gets her own limited series and it starts this week! Aiming to use her green thumb for the good of science, Ivy plants herself into the Gotham Botanical Gardens' research division. But when a coworker is buried six feet under, Ivy will need to start digging if she wants to get to the root of the mysterious murder!

Lumberjanes #22
The 'janes team up with the Bear Woman to take down the selkies!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #23
Andrew must betray Buffy and the gang if he wants the goods offered by The Sculptor. Will Andrew return to his villainous ways?

Batgirl #47
As Babs' mind slips away, her friends gather around her. Is this the end of Batgirl?

Harley Quinn #24
Harley busts her way through Arkham. 'Nuff said!

Secret Six #10
The conflict with the Elder Gods comes to a head! Will Black Alice and the gang be able to save magic in the DCU?

Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #2
Now that Patsy has a business plan, a new gay roommate (and sidekick), and her own solo title, it's time for her to get... rent money!

Rachel Rising #39
Rachel and Malus face off!

Uncanny X-Men #2
Mystique takes the cover and joins the team!

Wonder Woman Corner: In Wonder Woman #48, Diana, God of War, must do battle with... a sick toddler! Plus, the nine issue miniseries Legend of Wonder Woman launches with issue #1!

Deadpool Corner: Reprints of Deadpool's old solo series issues continue this week with True Believers Groovy, Meaty, and Wedding of Deadpool!

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