Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SuperQueeros! for March 25th, 2015

For everyone who was wondering, I did some Gotham Academy research and I have a handle on the #queerness of its cast. Plus, I go a little crazy with the 21st century's first rhetorical device, the #hashtag. #SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Earth 2 World's End #25
Green Lantern takes his last shot at saving Earth 2. Can Alan and the Kryptonians emerge victorious? #UseThePowerOfLove

Wolverines #12
Fantomelle's mission comes to an end. Meanwhile, Fang and Lady Deathstrike make their alliances known in Sharp and Ogun's battle for control of their shared body! #FantomelleRules #NewArmForDaken2015

Amazing X-Men #18
Now that The Living Monolith is also The Unstoppable Juggernaut, it's time for the team-up 50 years in the making: Colussus and Cain Marko! (At least, that's what the solicits seem to be implying. Also, did you see how Cain Marko punched Colussus in the same issue that Crossbones breaks his hand on Colossus' jaw? So Cain must have some sort of residual strength, right?) #MoreNorthstarPlease

Uncanny X-Men #32
This title is about to go through a metamorphosis as Cyc sends all the students to the Jean Grey school and teams up with his brother, Mutant Two-Face, to be criminals on the run. So one last chance to see Morph before he fades into the background? #ScottSummersIsAD!ck

Morning Glories #44
How will this season's intricate plans unfold this week? Hopefully we'll get some more Guillaume and Tower Ball! #BasketballShorts

Wicked + Divine #9
Bring on the god-maker! Ananke drops by. #NoBig

Gotham Academy #6
So I think the 'queero in this comic is maybe Maps? She definitely hasn't picked a sexuality as a first year, so it's hard to say, but she's awesome and she took her cute roommate to the school dance so.... Oh, and Olive fights Batman for guardianship of Killer Croc. #AverageDay 

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