Monday, February 24, 2014

SuperQueeros! for February 26th, 2013

The theme this week is dark alternate realities: the one where your friend is the evil king, the one where your dead sister is a prophetic ghost, and the one WITH NO ALCOHOL! Can you guess which one the Rat Queens have to visit this week? SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Rat Queens #5
What are the Rat Queens to do when THERE IS NO BOOZE?????? (I'm just guessing, but I think the answer is kill and maim until there is more booze?)

Chew #40
So now that Tony's daughter and girlfriend fed him hallucinogenic soup made from his sister it's time for Tony to get the low down from his sister on how to take down the vampire who killed her!

Teen Titans #28
Kid Flash is evil! Can Bunker stop his teammate from taking over the future??

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